2019. Dubrovnik


22.-23.11.2019. Architectural Adventure Conference – New places and investments

A conference intended for architects and interior designers on sustainable construction and decoration of hotels and other tourist facilities is being held in Dubrovnik on November 22 and 23. During the two days of the Conference, participants will have the opportunity to meet world-renowned architects who will share their experiences and enthusiasm for creating new spaces.

The conference is held within the largest fair in the region dedicated to the decoration of tourist facilities, Design District Exclusive, which gathers more than a hundred renowned brands from the field of furniture and equipment for indoor and outdoor spaces. The address of the event is beautiful Dubrovnik, Hotel Valamar Lacroma.

Topics, goals and lecturers of the Conference

Topics are related to the sustainable construction and furnishing of tourist facilities, new materials and forms, and a special emphasis is placed on ingenious projects that the audience may not see live because their daily commitments keep them away from them. Big names in architecture and design are a real challenge for the profession because they will have the opportunity to hear live, first-hand, about bold and unusual architectural endeavors that go outside the box and defy commonly known laws, features and sayings. The aim of the Conference is to transport the audience to all those places and times in which they will not have the opportunity to stay, and to encourage a different way of thinking in designing, a way of thinking that guarantees the sustainability and beauty of space for humans.


Heydar Aliyev centar
BMW central building

“Design Driven Innovation”


Heydar Aliyev centar
BMW central building

radionica: „Code-structed Skins. Interdisciplinary Design Research – Fashion and Interior Architecture“


Merceddes-Benz Museum
Quatar Integrated Railway Project
Hardt Hyperloop


“Cultural sustainability, health and innovation in luxury hospitality: How to implement local qualities, international comfort and highly sensory experience in hotels and resorts from the Black Sea to the Yellow Sea.”

Architectural Hero

“Projects as works of art”  the unthinkable world of Simone Micheli Architect

„Investments in region – challenges and opportunities“


Chogogo resort, Caribien
Canopy by Hilton, Zagreb
Maris school


“Eco labeling – choice for the new Standard”

21.11.2019 Days of family accommodation – DOBS 2019

Family accommodation days 2019 are intended for owners of family accommodation, but also for everyone else who is part of the tourism industry.

As part of the Family Accommodation Day, the latest technologies that owners of apartments, villas and holiday homes can use in their business are presented. Guests from the world of tourism share their own experiences on how to successfully run tourist facilities and use all the benefits of technological development while avoiding bureaucratic entanglements.

In addition, extremely interesting projects are presented such as: smart locks, online billing for accommodation and Channel manager technology – calendar synchronization – everything that makes business as easy as possible and brings more profit to renters.

Particularly interesting are the marketing workshops – advertising on Google and Facebook – which are usually paid for, but the organizer made sure that they were also free for all participants.

Nowadays, websites are not there just to have them, but to make money with them in addition to the presentation of our accommodation units. Why pay sometimes up to 20% of the price of accommodation, when today you can do it all yourself. How? Simple, in just 3 clicks! At the presentation itself, we will explain how to actually attract a guest and make money with a website. In addition, we will present the tools that enable such sites, and we will show the processes of online billing for accommodation services.


Each generation of guests brings a certain novelty with them. For example, today most guests book their accommodation through an online booking platform. In addition to online reservations, new generations of guests expect and look for apartments that have smart locks and allow them to enter the apartment without interruption. They don’t want to worry about when they will come, they want to have the freedom to come and go, and that’s why exactly such guests are looking for apartments with smart locks and in the vast majority of cases they are ready to pay more. Smart lock systems are the subject of our presentation where we will show examples of how simple and easy it is to use smart locks in tourism.

Mario Kovačević, myRent

Unlike ordinary apartments, clients looking for luxury accommodation are much more demanding and expect personal contact and a lot of attention. It is not enough to just put such accommodation on a website with a few pictures, but there are many factors that must be fulfilled in order to be successful in renting luxury accommodation. VipHolidayBooker, one of the most successful travel agencies in Dalmatia, will tell us how to advertise and how to work with luxury accommodation. We will hear first-hand their experiences and useful advice directly from practice. The best way to improve your business is to listen to the best!

Darijo Šarić, CEO VipHolidayBooker

Renting tourism facilities today is impossible without Channel manager technology – myRent is one of the leading companies in Croatia that has solutions in the relevant technology. In three years, we have connected over 150 booking portals and we ensure the synchronization of calendars for over 10,000 apartments. How it all works, how the apartments are connected, how the price is defined, how days are blocked, but also other possibilities such as websites, online billing, issuing invoices are the topics of our presentation. Simply, check why professionals work with myRent technology, and why myRent is one of the leading Channel managers.


In this workshop, we will explain how to advertise your accommodation facilities through Google. We will explain how text and banner ads are made with more than one realistic example, and we will also make a video ad. Along with ads, we will teach you how and in what way to correctly determine the target audience. We will end the workshop itself with the best examples from practice with an emphasis on the tourism sector and how to successfully monitor Google campaigns.

Filip Šinko Moradini (Elevate)

In the Facebook workshop, we will explain the distinction between leading and advertising on Facebook. We will present best publishing practices and tips & tricks such as publishing time, length of posts, emphasis on visual content. We devoted part of our workshop to managing tourist Facebook profiles (what and how). It will briefly explain the possibilities of paid advertising on Facebook (audiences, ad types, metrics and goals).

Olivia Slade Šilović & Lucija Vita Hanžić (Elevate)