Design District Award

The prize is traditionally awarded by an expert jury, mostly consisting of journalists, representatives of the seventh force invited to speak freely about the product design of the nominated products. Apart from them, architects and independent experts from the field of marketing, also members of the jury, give their opinion.

The Design district award means that the product has fully met the criteria for good design, which are divided into several features.

Good design carries spirituality, freshness, playfulness, at first sight it seduces and carries both its creator and future user.

Good design is deep, perceives and solves problems and concerns many people, situations and events, such as market, social and economic issues and the relationship to the immediate and wider community.

It is good design and attitude towards man, respecting man and trying to satisfy his real needs, not the apparent or invented ones.

Good design is a system of functional qualities, a synergy of harmony, value and utility.

Good design in Rovinj is called Nagrada Design district.