Design a la Carte

Take part in a significant event dedicated to furnishing of tourist facilities.

Design District will be held again in Rovinj from 24 to 26 November. It is a unique regional event and a place where great stories and ideas about the design of hotel and other tourist facilities are presented and promoted.

“Design a la Carte”, an exhibition unit within the Fair, is a unique platform for the communication between product designers and tourism sector, investors and furniture and interior design equipment manufacturers.

To seize the opportunity to benefit from investments planned for the Mediterranean region in the amount of a couple billion euros and to be a part of the success story that is directed towards the new and increasingly picky guest became the imperative for everyone that deals with the design and furnishing of hotels and office spaces. The presentation at the Design Districtexhibition, in an exhibition unit which is the heart of the whole event, enables you to come into contact with all those who need fresh ideas for products and furnishing projects for tourist facilities in Istria, Dubrovnik, along the Montenegrin and Albanian coast, as well as in the whole region.

Design a la carte” exhibition unit consists of presentation space which covers the surface area from 2 to 10m2. The presentation spaces are open, without walls and they consist of the presentation area and a “column” of 100cm in width and 250cm in height, onto which posters or other communication materials can be placed. The presentation spaces are divided and enable quality business talks and meetings for the clients.