Archi corner

Archi corner is a specially designed and furnished presentation space, where architects and interior designers are able to present their projects in a unique way.

This space is intended for professionals who are experts in changing and decorating spaces, who know how to use each space to its full potential, make it comfortable, personalized, modern, practical, distinctive and, above all, convenient. Archi corner is a meeting space where investors will get a chance to meet professionals in the field of architecture and design, where they will get a chance to talk about future and planned projects and establish quality business communication as a prerequisite for future cooperation. The visitors are able to get a bigger picture of interior design / architecture which is realized in specific spaces and which proves that the process of creation is the actual element connecting the big world of architecture to the small world of design. And the small world of architecture to the big world of design. It is the element which connects the vision and the spirit of a viewer.