About the Fair

The Design District – International Furniture and Interior Design Fair is intended for all those who will soon be faced with furnishing interiors, whether they are tourist or private facilities. Here in one place you will find a complete offer, from designing to interior design of hotels, villas, apartments, holiday homes, restaurants and other facilities.

New guests are looking for more than the sun and the sea, they are looking for the stamp of the destination – provide it through a careful selection of furniture and sophisticated interiors designed by experts.

Design does not mean unaffordable, expensive products. Design means considering each detail, including the appearance, quality of the production, choice of modern and durable materials, and flirting with the unreal.

Visit the Design District in Rovinj and be part of a beautiful story about contemporary interior design! Stay inspired by the furniture, lighting, floor coverings, and a host of details that make the interior original and personalized for you and your guests.

Time is too precious for you to lose it by visiting many different places in search of products that will enrich your interior.  Come to one place, the old factory in Rovinj, to a place of pleasant socializing, successful business meetings and an extremely large number of different exhibitors, and take advantage of the Fair not only for business, but also for pleasure.

We are aware that global trends reflect certain aspirations and appeals of the modern society. For this reason each year Design District pays special attention to some of the notable phenomena, needs or topics which should be presented to various economic operators and industries.

In 2018, the first year of the Fair, we have touched on the topic of Bioarchitecture and the favourable changes it brings about, we have emphasized the need to implement the idea of healthy architecture, not only in the architectural profession, but in the society as a whole. Last year, in 2019, we showed the importance of hotel Investments as the only acceptable and reasonable opportunity for the development of national tourism.

This year, in 2022, we will discuss the two topics that are always interesting and inexhaustible – Ecology and Construction, with an emphasis on the tourism sector. In this respect, in addition to two new exhibition units, we have prepared a number of interesting meetings, workshops and presentations at the Fair, which will reveal new achievements in exceptional fields related to sustainability and human progress.


Working hours: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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