Conference for architects

Sustainable Aesthetics and Functionality: Architecture and Interior Design in the Light of the Green Deal

Thursday, 23rd and Friday, 24th November 2023.

The traditional gathering of architects and interior designers in Rovinj, as part of the Design District 2023 fair, reflects the influences of the European Green Deal on architecture and brings inspirations for green perspectives in interior design.

The mission of this year’s Conference is to explore pivotal topics such as the circular economy in architecture and interior design, climate-focused urbanization, and the role of designers and architects in sustainable construction and furnishing.

We are especially pleased to introduce exceptionally intriguing speakers who bring their firsthand experiences of successfully implemented circular economy principles like modular design, recycling, reuse of materials, architectural innovations, and efficient solutions.

In two fulfilling and inspiring days, we are focused on the propositions of the European Green Deal, materials, and digitization all within the context of global design and new practices in architecture and interior design. We answer the questions: is it possible to achieve sustainability without boundaries through architecture and interior design, utilizing new values: energy independence, economic viability, and environmental preservation.

The authorized organizer from Design District Rovinj is Clip d.o.o. from Velika Gorica

Conference Program “Sustainable Aesthetics and Functionality: Architecture and Interior Design in the Light of the Green Deal”

Thursday, 23 November 2023.

Sustainable and Green Building within the Context of the European Green Deal, Sunčana Rapaić, Architect, de Architekten Cie Studio, Zagreb
Design with Purpose – Integrating Sustainability in Shaping Perspective, Salih Teskeredžić, Architect, Sarajevo
Choosing Wood as Change Experts, Eng. Dušan Milutinović, ACETRA Studio, Belgrade
The Thousand Faces of Cork – Sustainable Interiors for the Future, Mladen Jambrović, Iverpan, Zagreb
Design Strategies for Sustainability – Natural Systems, Dean Lah, Architect, Enota Studio, Ljubljana
Designed to Last a Lifetime: How Foam Coating Technology Empowers Creativity and Promotes Sustainability, Michel Sels, Sixinch, Ljubljana
Presentation of the CEKOM SPIN Project, Stipo Jelušić and Marija Jelčić Markanović, Spin Valis, Požega

Friday, 24 November 2023

Luxury Hotel Mamula Island – Intervention on Cultural Heritage, Nikola Novaković, Architect, Enforma Studio, Podgorica
Monastery on Lopud as a Hedonistic Oasis, Rujana Bergam Marković, Architect, Arhitektri Studio, Zagreb
VOLUM3 – How Digital Technologies Can Assist Sustainable Design and Building (VOLUM3 adjusted to new EU requirements facilitates project creation), Marko Dabrović, Architect, 3LHD Studio, Zagreb
Inspiring, Sustainable, Durable, Wooden – Eco Furniture Design, Mia Matavž, ERA Group, Zagreb
Financing Green and Sustainable Projects, Monika Kordić, Cordion, Zagreb
Sustainable Interior Design for Projects with a Mediterranean Touch, Danica Maričić, BA PR&Comm; Archi-living, Zagreb

The Organizer reserves the right to change the program without prior notice.

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